Garden path

The steps up to the garden and the compost toilet are being redone for the third time. Originally we’d been a bit hasty and hadn’t bedded the stones in properly, and so they’d started to wobble. Also, they were a just a bit narrow. Ling’s already become a real villager and an expert at moving rocks with a metal spike. Apart from the biggest stones, she made the path completely by herself. She also remade the garden wall and moved out the pile of stones which had been there for several months since digging the shower foundations.

Harvest time

We put in an order for mushrooms with the village at the top of the valley – just a few kilos is what we said. Just as the fruit sellers here always add a few extra thinking you’ll probably take it, the guy tried his luck and carried just over 10 kg of freshly picked porcini mushrooms down the mountain. At a fraction of the price in the city, we could hardly say no. Ling got to work cleaning, chopping and frying them with garlic, and now we have a freezer full of delicious mushrooms.

The garden has also been providing us with some fresh organic vegetables – tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squashes. We haven’t had the space or time to do the garden properly this year, but next year we want to grow a lot more.