Ling’s First First Ascent

Ling just got her first first ascent and named the route 感恩 meaning ‘gratitude’. Now the rainy season is over and the house is almost finished we’ll be devoting a lot more time to developing new routes. This was the first to go up on the wall overlooking the house just 20 minutes walk away. It’s a great wall for beginners, and there’ll be some nice easy multipitches with amazing views down the valley.


Shigu gets a highline

Peter Mortimer walking the highline over squirrel gully in shigu, Yunnan, China

Shigu gets a highline!! Peter’s been back, and finished putting up the highline across the gully behind the house, close to the Flying Squirrel Crag. It’s hard to see on the pictures, but it’s about 50m high. Peter got the fa and then I practiced my barrel roll falling technique. I don’t know why it’s so much harder than walking a line in the park. Without a picture showing how cool I am, I was forced to shuffle out over the line and got one of me attempting the yoga peacock pose.


New Routes in the Flying Squirrel Crag

This week’s seen some action at the Flying Squirrel Crag, nestled in a stunning valley of walnut trees just 15 minutes walk from the house. Thanks Peter for 3 quality new lines.
Four Wise Cows – 6c+ (FA Peter Mortimer)
The Squirrel Fights Back – 7b (FA Peter Mortimer)
And an unsent line around 7c.
In our usual format Peter offered me chance of first ascent before showing me how it’s done. This crag now has seven routes from 6b+ to 7c.


National Day

October 1st is National Day in China, a public holiday marking the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. (Almost) everyone in China has a week off work and takes the opportunity to do some travelling. Trains are booked up weeks in advance and tourist areas are unbearably crowded. Our house is full for a week, mostly with friends, but also with a number of climbers coming to check out this up and coming climbing destination. To mark the holiday and our opening, Ling cooked up this incredible feast.