Lucy and XiaoXiong 小熊 (Little Bear)

In August we said good bye to Wangcai. She was only around 10 but she’d had a hard life. Until we found her, she’d spent all her time chained up, neglected and malnourished. The change in her final year after such a harrowing time was truly remarkable. She never completely learned to trust people, but it was clear she was happy. She could sit patiently as we ate our dinner, and would gently take bones and other scraps from your hand. She even started following us on our evening walks. Her passing away from a sudden sickness was completely unexpected.


Shortly after a friend’s dog gave birth to five adorable puppies. This was also a surprise as no one even new she was pregnant until she went into labour in the back of the car. We initially said we would like one of the litter, but they couldn’t find owners for all the others and so now we have two lovely, naughty, shoe eating puppies causing mischief and mayhem in the house.