First bolting this year

So I finally found time to do some bolting last week.  Cedric, a friend from Kunming, wanted to learn how to bolt. He wanted something long and easy and so I showed him a line on the right side of the pyramids crag. Having easy access to the top made it an obvious candidate for a first route. He seemed keen, and so we hiked and scrambled our way up. He put in the bolts for the top anchors and then I rappelled down fixing the ropes and putting some intermediate bolts in so the rope couldn’t rub on anything when jugging back up again. After learning the basics of bolting I left him to it, and two days later we had a route to climb – a nice 3 pitch 5.9.

pitch 1 – 5.9 28m 16 bolts
pitch 2 – 5.8 22m 11 bolts
pitch 3 – optional scramble to the top 25m 4 bolts
Pitches 1 and 2 can be joined by skipping a few bolts and extending a few quickdraws making a nice 50m pitch.

The route is named “Bienosaurus” which is the name of a dinosaur discovered by his Great Uncle Bian Meinian in Yunnan in 1938. Nice work Cedric.

Walking up a scree slope next to the pyramids Cedric hanging on the second pitch of Bienosaurus Reuben rapping in on a new route